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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in.

Project Objectives

Our plan is to show schools alternative ways to conservative teaching, reducing the gap for our computer generation. We want to show our pupils that the internet and computer are more than just Facebook and computer games; that communication can be also about serious topics. We want to give our students the chance to be more creative and able to express themselves in a different ways. We want to show them that knowledge of second language is important. We would like to inspire schools to get better multimedia equipment.

A) Communication
Alternate monthly joint newsletters and Partnership Comenius website. Romanian partner will manage the development of the website which will include project activities. All partners will contribute. This will go live after 1st partner meeting.Regular communication is key. On the 1st partner meeting (Prague October 2011) we will fix a time for regular teacher Skype conferences.

B) Partner Meetings
4 a year in one of partner schools. All schools must be represented. The main activity will be the evaluation and digital presentation of current project work. This will include host partner's promotion of their school, created digitally by pupils. Also, continuation of themed story running throughout the project. During the partner meetings we plan that teachers will go to lessons and see the work with interactive white board and other multimedia education in practice. Teachers will share ideas and new practices.

Pupils in each school will develop a presentation to promote and advertise their school as if they were an estate agent. UK school will integrate with 'Young Managers' scheme.To be shown at a partner meeting during the project and at the final meeting, Polish pupils will decide on the most effective campaign and which school they would 'buy'. Also, following the themed story, pupils in each school will create a digital chapter to be shown at partner meetings. We will also involve children in communication through Skype. At the 1st meeting in Prague, partner schools will decide on the timings to suit school days. Pupils create animations such as Christmas cards and other similar activities.

F) Partner meetings for students.
Our students should be able to meet personally partners in partner schools. Dates as shown in the Results and Outcomes.

G) Our pupils will work as film directors, actors, writers as part of both the Estate Agent activity and the themed story creation.
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